At the Club

The season and the rallies

The pony club season is October to April (pretty much daylight saving hours).

During the season, our rally nights are on Thursdays from 6-8pm.

As part of your pony club membership, you gain access to around 22 rally-coaching sessions. During this time, you can expect to cover the practical and theoretical basics of learning to work with your horse, establishing good dressage and jumping, moving towards (for those who are keen) a range of competitions. Our coaches keep a close eye on the development and practice of our members. We like to have fun, and provide a positive, supportive environment for riders and families.

Our pony club members are placed into two or three groups based on the certificates they are studying for (you start at D, then D+, then C, C+ and so on). The requirements for each certificate are set out in the NZPCA (NZ Pony Club Association) manuals and cover both riding and horse care (practical and theory). External examiners come to Pony Club when our coaches advise that riders are ready to sit their certificates.

The rallies start at 6pm sharp – all the kids have to be ready to ride, in correct uniform, with their horses tacked up and ready to go, at that time. If the weather is too hot or too wet the coaches organise a theory session and start working through those requirements of the certificates.

At Te Atatu Pony Club some families stay after the rally and have a shared meal.


Our coaches

Our coaches are not members of our pony club but come to us on Thursday evenings to coach at the rallies and prepare members to sit their certificates.

Georgia Bryan

Georgia has been instructing all age levels at several pony clubs for over 7 years and has been a Massey Pony Club member since she was 10 years old. Georgia has competed to 1* level eventing on her horse Piper Bay, and has also competed in dressage and show jumping. In 2013 Georgia achieved her A certificate and prides herself on motivating and supporting her students to achieve their certificate and overall riding goals.

Sofie Boswell

Sofie Boswell is a 25-year-old event rider based in West Auckland. She is a full-time physiotherapist and owns her own business ‘Oh! Physio’. Sofie has been a member of Massey Pony Club since she was thirteen years old and has been instructing all levels for a number of years. Sofie has competed up to 2* level in eventing and has goals to ride at 3*. Sofie aims to inspire and aid young riders to achieve their goals.